About Us

The Incubator is an independent television production company dedicated to high quality, innovative, unscripted programming.
It was founded in 2005 by Simon Andreae, under an overall deal with Fox Television Studios, and has produced shows for most of the major US cable networks, as well as for UK and international broadcast.

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In the Press

First look: Morgan Spurlock turns into a 'Caveman'

The folks on Sunday’s episode of Discovery’s “Curiosity” have to do a bit more than outwit, outplay and outlast. They have to actually survive … as cavemen... Read More

Criminal TV First

There have been plenty of TV shows about cops, prisons and drug addicts, but there’s never been a show that gives you a real-time look at criminals at work -- until now... Read More

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Simon Andreae - CEO

Simon is a multi award–winning producer and one of the most highly regarded executives in the realm of unscripted programming.
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Lisa Andreae - President

Lisa directly oversees The Incubator’s development and production slate...
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I, Caveman

In this grand immersive experiment, we plunge modern humans into the nearest equivalent of a Caveman environment...
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American Underworld

Photojournalist Mark Allen Johnson enters the most extreme and hard-to-access subcultures in the country to tell stories of an underground world that could be right next door...
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Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (Seasons 1-3)

Is There a Creator? Are We Alone? How Did We Get Here?...
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Sex Researchers

The complete history of sex research, from its murky beginnings in the 1850's to its cutting edge role in law, morality, psychology and pharmacology today...
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The Science of Fear

Cutting edge scientists and human guinea pigs combine to explore one of mankind's most primal drives...
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The Science of Lust

In this follow up to 2009’s hit Science of Sex Appeal, cutting edge scientists and human guinea pigs combine...
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