I, Caveman

Were we better off as cavemen? Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me”) leads a group of ten ordinary men and women who leave civilization behind to take part in an ambitious experiment.  They attempt to live in the wilderness as cavemen did, using only stone-age technology and their wits. Four experts observe the group, evaluating their performance and drawing surprising conclusions about modern people and our caveman ancestors. Will Morgan and the group endure, or will their dependence on modern conveniences be their undoing?  It’s ten days that will push them all to the limit of human physical and psychological endurance.

Episode 1

Were we better off as cavemen? High in the mountains of northern Colorado, the group struggles for survival while four experts assess their progress and offer insights about what modern people can learn from the ancient world. In the first of two episodes, the experience takes a heavy toll on the group as extreme cold, dehydration, and hunger threaten to bring an early end to the experiment.

Episode 2

In the second of two parts, the group struggles to find food and relocates their camp to a location closer to big game, betting their survival on a successful hunt. The experts observing them believe that to be a risky strategy. Extreme hunger and deprivation causes tensions to flare. Some of the group buckle under the pressure, leaving the experiment on the brink of failure. Could a successful hunt save them?